'They Triumphed Over Cancer Twice.' Woman Shares Touching Story Of Her Parents Who Have Been Married For 47 Years

December 13, 2017

When a couple has been married for nearly half a decade, it's safe to say that they have experienced the good and bad. These types of stories about couples that are still loving and cherishing each other after so many years, serve as an inspiration and a reminder that forever love is indeed, possible.

Professional photographer, Amber Robinson, recently shared a few pictures of her parents, Wanda and Marvin Brewington, on her social media pages, and the beautiful story of their love.

The pictures are absolutely incredible but the words accompanying them were what had us melting.

In the caption of her post, she said her parents had been married for 47 years and they had gone through it all together.

They have triumphed over cancer … twice. Have raised two successful daughters. They have been poor together and rich together. They have fed, sheltered, and advised countless lost souls.

She added that they were very loving and incredibly giving. In an interview with Babble, Amber said her parents were college sweethearts and they met in 1968. They got married in 1970 and had to survive 10 years of infertility before they had their two daughters. That was not all. For many years, they experienced financial challenges but through it all, they never let it affect their love for their children or their devotion to each other.

"They never gave up on each other," Amber said.

Growing up, PDA between her parents was normal in their home. The couple kissed, hugged and danced around the house. At the time, Amber was too young to understand and appreciate what this meant. However, as an adult, she realised how much they really and truly loved each other.

In addition to the marital challenges they encountered, Amber's dad was diagnosed with cancer twice. He suffered colon cancer in the 90s and prostate cancer a few years ago. He also battled multiple sclerosis which resulted in him being bed-ridden sometimes. But Wanda was always there and never left his side.

Three years ago, Wanda was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. It was one of the biggest struggles yet. So for their annual holiday card, Amber wanted them to do a special photo session.

According to the photographer, the couple had a fantastic time laughing and holding each other like lovestruck teenagers.

Amber said she was inspired by her parents' life story and so are we. This couple has basically been through it all and somehow, they still find a way to laugh with one another. This is what marriage is really all about.