A Woman's Instagram Post About Cherishing Motherhood Is A Reminder For Mums To Live In The Moment

December 12, 2017 18:35

There are a lot of great things about being a mother but sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with all the struggles that we forget to embrace the good parts.

Anna Strode, a mother who often shared all her motherhood adventures on her Instagram page @bubs2bikinis, shared a story of how eight words from two elderly strangers changed her perspective on motherhood and reminded her to focus on making lifetime memories.

Strode and her three kids made a trip to her local cafe. As any mother can imagine in a situation like that, things were quite hectic. One of the kids was crying, another was running amok. It was such a stressful scenario that all the mother wanted to do at the time was simply scream for help due to exhaustion.

While in the midst of all the chaos, Strode heard an elderly woman who was passing by whisper to her husband, "Those were the best days of our lives.

At first, Strode was not sure she heard right. How could a day filled with screaming kids be what someone else described as "best?" She turned to the older couple and asked, "really?" to which the old lady nodded and said, "the best by far."

This encounter caused Strode to take a second look at her exhausting kids and understood what the elderly couple was saying. She realised that someday, her children would grow up and would not need her. They would have kids of their own and live their own lives,

When this time comes, all she and her husband would have are the memories of today. And chances are, many years from now, they would see a young mum struggling with wrangling her stubborn kids and she would say to her, "these were the best days of our lives."

The lesson here is simple, this time, no matter how stressful it is, will pass. The kids will grow up and be on their own. You want to look back and know for sure that you enjoyed every single moment of them depending on you and bringing colour into your life.