10 Ideas For Family Christmas Traditions To Make The Holiday Unforgettable For Kids

Date November 29, 2017 18:01

Following family traditions is very important. As time goes by, we still remember them, and they create the feeling of belonging to our family. Every year Christmas remains the favorite holiday and it is the best time for creating stronger bond inside your family, and make it unforgettable for children especially.

These are 10 Christmas ideas for making this time magical and outstanding.

1. Decorating

You may decorate anything you see – not just the tree! There is a house, a fence, the trees on the backyard. Make it bright and unforgettable. Starting earlier will raise your mood  definitely and infect you with Christmas joy beforehand. You can shop for decorations together, picking the best one as a team, or every one can have his own spot, remaking it into something festive and nice.

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2. Cooking together

Ginger cookies? A pie? Whatever you pick! Common activities make relationships stronger, and give us additional time to communicate and just have fun together. These cookies may be sent as presents to relatives and neighbors in a pretty wrapping.

3. Charity acts

Children should know, not every one is this world can receive everything they want. Some people need help from others with food, clothes, and also love and attention. Make a tradition to give some money for charity together, or maybe the toys or clothes you do not use any more. Your child will be learning kindness and sympathy for others, and a great pleasure from giving.

4. A letter to Santa

Making copies of your kids' letters to Santa is interesting, it will be quite a heritage when they grow up. Tell them to write not just what they desire to receive this year, but also what they are grateful for.

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5. The same pyjamas for the whole family? Why not? It is fun to spend your evening watching A Christmas movie dressed in the same clothes, eating snacks and drinking cocoa!

6. Chocolate coins

Hide them everywhere. It will be fun to find them eventually. In the morning your children may find them under the plates after breakfast, or at the door when they leave, or maybe in their gloves! Every one loves surprises!

7. Christmas calendar

Hand-made Christmas calendar will count down the days before the X day! You can put it on the wall where every one can see. Waiting for it makes it even more special.

8. Exchanging presents

Waiting may be hard, be you have to pull yourself together and not to give away what you prepared. Let the Christmas day be the day for opening gift boxes. It may be the first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up and gather around the tree. Each in the family can open a box one by one and guessing who it is for. But do not let them have their presents right away. They may prepare a song to sing or a poem as the way to say thank you!

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9. Take pictures

Photos are the holders of our memories. As you may have the same clothes, take the same type of photo every year with the same background. As the next year approaches you may display them all together, and have a good merry time watching the change, and remembering the funny moments from previous years.

10. Keep the Christmas spirit alive

Let it be the magical time in all senses, forget about rows and irritation, enjoy the moment and let the kids enjoy it too. Show them that miracles exist by telling stories about good people and magic they create with their kind deeds.

Establishing family traditions will connect you even closer, feeling of thrill and excitement will remain with you for a long time. You create memories, and those can not be replaced.