Going To The Beach Can Be Powerful Therapy For Body And Mind, Study Says

April 10, 2018

Why are people so driven to the beach? Is there any scientific basis behind it? Actually, there is! Experts in biobehavioral health at Pennsylvania State University claim that the whooshing sounds of the waves set us in a calm mood.

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Apparently, the noise of the ocean creates harmony and peace inside a human’s mind. It promotes brain health and may put us into a meditative state. Listening to the gentle sounds of the waves makes us follow our own breathing. Some suggest it is like a mother humming a baby to sleep. One more reason for the calming effect of the water sounds probably originates from the prenatal period when babies grow in the safe environment of the womb water.

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It is not only the ears that catch the healing sounds, the eyes too! When looking at the ocean, we receive the powerful energy to cure stress. The Global Healing Center claims that it changes our brain waves. So, going to the beach can be a wonderful treatment for depression and melancholy.

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The misty salty air at the beach does its magic too! Inhaling the negative ions found in ocean air performs an anti-depressant function as well. Add walking barefoot on the sand to it and you will receive powerful therapy for mental, spiritual and physical disorders. Touching the sandy beach with your bare feet stimulates special spots and improves the overall health of your body.

Go to the beach and take your kids with you! It may be exactly what you need if you are stuck in the dusty city or worn out with routine. You will experience massive psychological safety and boost your energy to the max!

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