Science Has Some Good Reasons Why 60 Is The New Middle Age

February 7, 2018

Sixty is not considered to be old anymore! If you reach the milestone of 60 it means you can start a new page of your healthy and happy life. Dr. Scherbov from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria led a survey to understand how lifespan and life quality has increased over time.

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He found out that 200 years ago a person in his 60s was considered very old; now our opinion of age has changed. The threshold of “middle age” has moved, and in 30 years, 60-year-old people may be viewed as middle-aged.

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That is a wonderful perspective. Lifespan and a decent quality of life is evidence of prosperity and success. This is why being 60 years old is better now more than ever.

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Here are 5 main reasons to enjoy being this age:

1. Society is changing its attitude towards “old people”. Now you may be self-confident and secure when talking about your age and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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You embrace your body and your life experience and wisdom make you feel balanced and worry less about the small stuff.

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2. Most of your stress is behind you. Usually, children have left the family nest by the time we reach 60 and there is less worrying about them. Your routine becomes calmer and more predictable.

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3. By 60 people have usually accomplished a lot in their careers, so the urge for self-fulfillment in the work place is in the past.

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4. Researchers found out that the world's population is aging more slowly. So if you have a healthy lifestyle, you may find yourself full of energy in your 60s.

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5. Emotionally it can be hard to accept aging. Some may become widowed or get divorced by this time and coping with loneliness may become a heavy burden. However, this is where other opportunities arise.

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You may find lots of space for yourself. New hobbies and new acquaintances will turn your life around, as you are free from your duties of caring for others.

Is 60 the new 40? Yes, if you allow yourself to be grateful for life and embrace new opportunities. Acceptance and positive thinking are what make the 60s a fresh start and wonderful time to enjoy.

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