5 Effective Exercises For Bad Knees That Are Better And Safer Than Running

March 15, 2018 13:26

The beneficial effects of running are well-known. It is great cardiovascular training which strengthens our hearts and vessels and wards off heart diseases. You burn calories, enrich your body with oxygen, tone your muscles and increase your stamina and strength.

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However, running is not for everyone! Some people just do not enjoy it and others find it time-consuming to go out for a morning jog.


Knee pain may be quite a serious obstacle as well. Everyday wear and tear weakens the joints, so safety becomes a serious criterium when choosing a workout.

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Running itself does not result in arthritis. Nevertheless, if you suffer from it already or have injured knees, it is better to avoid running, jumping or climbing.

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These exercises overload your knees with additional pressure and may cause even more harm. After all, there are other ways to perform cardio training to satisfy your fitness needs.

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Here are 5 options for you:


Swimming is considered the best joint exercise for a reason! You work all your muscle groups and every single joint in your body without any danger. This is a low-impact workout and good for those who suffer from high blood pressure and heart diseases.

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Developing flexibility becomes essential with age. Pilates is a body-mind workout used in physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries. It is safe for your joints due to the smooth movements and low intensity, but it still makes your whole body work and it burns calories.

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If you love music and dancing, this can be a wonderful cardio workout for you! Just turn on your favorite song and let your imagination run wild! Physical activity in combination with music provides a powerful energy charge and a wonderful mood. You can burn calories and tone your body while managing your own pace and intensity.

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Bicycling is a great warm-up for your knees with one condition – a smooth road! Do not ride on bumpy roads in order to avoid additional pressure on the knees. Spending time outdoors is always beneficial, but stationary bikes are also an option.

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Nordic Walking

This is the good old walking we all know but with one addition – walking poles (similar to ski poles). The advantage of Nordic walking is involving not just the legs but the whole body, as you apply force to the poles with each stride. The exercise is beneficial for senior people especially because it increases aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and at the same time it is safe for the knees! Compared to regular walking, it engages all the body's muscles – the core, arms, shoulders, and back!

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These five training methods are excellent for seniors because they prevent injuries, increase stamina and strength, and improve cardiovascular system functioning. Remember, when it comes to cardio training, it is essential to pay attention to safety!

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