10 Things To Let Go Before The New Year Starts


December 29, 2017 14:30 By Mambee

The New Year is time for changes! As the clock strikes midnight, the count of the 2018 will begin, and before this happens, we all start to plan and make resolutions so that our life quality. Along with losing some extra weight, getting rid of old unhealthy habits, we want to refresh our home too. Maybe you stock the unnecessary things for too long, and this is the very time to throw them away, making a place for the new ones.

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Before entering the New Year, make sure you are totally ready.

1. Old journals, magazines, and other papers. Probably you keep them safe somewhere in the drawer or at your table, but you won’t need them as the new issues will come.

2. Clothes you will never wear again. That’s for sure, there is lots of it in your closet – too tight, too loose, too shabby. You may throw away or gave away those items which you wore just couple of times.

3. Old Christmas decorations. Something may be too old or broken, or too plastic. It is better to get rid of those.

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4. Expired medicine. We often just do not have time to check the expiry date of those.

5. Expired cosmetics and skin care products. Oh yes, they can spoil to, be careful, do not use them any more.

6. Plates and cups with cracks. They say, it is a bad luck to drink from the cracked cups.

7. Outdated toys. Your children may grow up from the toys they played with, so it is better to pass them to other mommy, give away to the families in need, or just stock them in the garage in a case of a new baby.

8. Any items which do not serve you any more. Those may be broken devices, cables, manuals to the devices which are already thrown away.

9. Get rid of your debts. This is one of the most important duties – it is better to enter the new year with no debts and clear conscious.

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Sometimes we feel that we depend on our belongings, feeling sad to let them go. But when we release our living space from everything which clutter up our life, there is a massive feeling of relief and freedom. There is one more thing we definitely have to leave in the past – negativity and pessimism, and start the new life with the new year full of happiness and joy.

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