Drew Barrymore Joins Charity Events To Let Children In Need Feel The True Spirit Of Christmas

Family & Kids

December 26, 2017 17:30 By Mambee

Christmas is for giving and sharing the goodness and love! Among many celebrities who join the charity organizations, Drew Barrymore also took part in “Stockings with care” event. The actress along with other volunteers were stocking Christmas presents for those families who can not afford getting gifts for their children.

In her Instagram account Drew wrote “This is an awesome organization and we will be doing even more with them next Christmas. Put them on your radar! Help a family. My girls participated and it’s made my heart swell. ”

Her two daughters, Olie and Frankie, enjoyed helping with wrapping an organizing the presents. Such a great example Drew Barrymore is giving her girls, showing that generosity and sympathy for others is the most rewarding thing ever.

Just before Christmas the actress also visited st. Jude Children’s hospital, as she wrote, “Working with children is what speaks to me ”, so she early contributes into it, and encourages everyone to do so.

The Drew’s family had a lovely Christmas, as they pose for the camera next to the fancy decorated Christmas tree. It is true, that this season is all about giving, and this is what makes us appreciate what we have more.

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