Ed Sheeran Gives A New Life To His Song "Perfect" Performing It With Beyonce, And It Becomes An Anthem For People In Love

December 26, 2017 17:36

Ed Sheeran has something to be proud of this year, his song “Perfect” became the anthem of couples in love and its official video, which is so Christmassy and romantic, was watched for more than 380 million times. Sounds pretty impressive!

Ed told Ellen in the Ellen Show that even though this song was not nominated for “The song of the year”, the best award for him is when it means something to people and becomes special in a different way. It is kind of unique for him too, as it was the fastest he has ever written.


He also revealed that he was nervous at first to offer Beyonce to record the duet. He is the big fan of her music, and when he had an idea to giving a new life to the song, her name was the first which came to mind.

So it happened, Beyonce loves Sheeran’s music too, and they co-work made this song even more perfect.

Ed Sheeran spent lovely Christmas, and wished everyone wonderful holidays with the family in his Instagram account. Hopefully the new year will be fruitful for Ed and he will take joy at his new amazing songs.

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