Meghan Markle Receives An Apron As Her First Official Engagement Gift - Her Fans Go Furious About It

January 22, 2018 12:22

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their wedding plans, they will officially become married couple in May, and right now they started receiving gifts from devoted fans.

One of the gifts Meghan received from a fan from Finland was an apron, and this innocent gift sounded disappointing to many.


Somehow they consider it having hidden meanings, like “a woman belongs in the kitchen”. Some men still believe in this opinion. What about miss Markle?


She is known to be UN Women ambassador and advocate for women’s rights. Making a speech for International Woman’s day she remarked that she was proud to be a woman and a feminist!!

So Meghan Markle is a feminist who is marrying Prince Harry.


When she was 11 she appeared on TV for the first time because she stood against the commercial which offended women, as little Meghan thought.

Whether she thinks of apron as an appropriate present or not, she is future royal and must accept all the presents with courtesy! She cannot clearly speak her mind on this matter, but people on Twitter go wild!

They expressed different news on a gift, some say it is ridiculous, but some spoke up for defense of a poor apron, saying that was a sweet present, regarding the way how prince Harry proposed. They both were cooking a meal then, so maybe both can wear an apron.


Probably that generous person from Finland could not even imagine what fuss his present would create. Anyway, let's hope Meghan and prince Harry are not as disappointed as their fans.

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