Taking A Glimpse Into Meghan Markle's Toronto House, Which Sold For Less Than A Week


December 21, 2017 11:43 By Mambee

The home is our castle, so people say. And when we change the residence place, it feels like beginning a new life. So it happens for Meghan Markle now. After their engagement with Prince Harry, the desire to be with his fiancé became too strong to beat, and an inseparable couple has settled in London permanently.

So Meghan had to leave her cozy place in Toronto, the house where they escaped the paparazzi so many times, and could just seclude themselves in sweet privacy.

Meghan used to live in the two-story house in Seaton Village neighborhood, Toronto. It has three bedrooms, and a modern eat-in kitchen, a cultivated garden, a finished basement and a two-car garage.

We can peep into Meghan’s life following her Instagram page, where she often posted the shots of her place, with her beloved dogs, Bogart and Guy, as the main character.

The house went for sale for 1.4 million, and sold for less than a week, This is quite impressive.

From the insight Meghan is giving us with the photos, we see that light colors, soft lines, and accessories give the place a fresh and modern look.

The new owner may embrace the atmosphere of love there, because it is the place where Meghan and Harry's affection grew and developed until they announced their engagement.

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