90-Year-Old Woman's Epic Dance Moves Go Viral On The Internet

November 2, 2017 19:01

Dancing has a way of healing the soul and uplifting the mood. But evidently, regular dancing also keeps you looking and feeling young.

Of course, health experts agree that one of the most effective ways to keep fit and healthy is to exercise regularly. Your body needs to move to constantly stay strong and we can see proof of this when we take a look at how fitness and sports enthusiasts seem to age gracefully.

However, for a truly youthful spirit, a woman named Jean Phelps Veloz has shown us that dance is all you need. Swing dancer Jean Phelps Veloz seriously blew the minds of millions of people when she celebrated her 90th birthday by dancing with a number of partners. 

Anthony Mak / YouTube

The woman was incredibly light on her feet and moved like someone much younger. You just cannot watch this YouTube video without going, "WOW! She's 90?!" over and over again. Her energy, grace and beauty will capture your heart right from the very beginning.

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The video, which has now garnered nearly 9 million views, has become a favourite for many who just simply had to applaud the lady. One user, Xavier Garcia, said:

Happy 90th Birthday, Gorgeous Lady! If you look hot now, I wonder what you looked like a few years back cause you don't look anywhere close to 90. More like half your age!!

We absolutely agree. Watch her dance with Chong Chan Meng, Remy Kouakou Kouame and Skye Humphries at her 90th birthday party in Thailand.

A year after the video was shared, we get to see Jean strut her stuff again at the Rock That Swing Festival in 2015. Clearly, not a lot had changed in a year. She was as beautiful and as wonderful a dancer as ever. 

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If you're looking for inspiration to get up and get active, this woman is it. Seriously, who wouldn't want to look and move like this in their 90s? Sure, genes may have a lot to do with it but working that body like that at that age, well, that's just a dedication to pushing yourself.

Source: Anthony Mak / YouTube, RockThatSwing / YouTube