From Hanging Out With Tigers To Owning The Best Toys: The Fascinating Life Of An Instagram-Famous Brunei Prince

December 15, 2017

One would expect royalties to live on a certain scale of luxury. But this prince with a heart (and even throne) of gold has us petty fascinated. His hobbies, toys and special 4-legged companions make him one of the most interesting princes you've ever come across.

Brunei is a tiny Asian country on the island of Borneo. The 26-year-old Prince of this nation is living the fabulous life. His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Mateen does not just travel the world and enjoys the best things, he also shares his experiences on his Instagram page, which now has over 736,000 followers.

His father and the ruler of Brunei has 12 children. Mateen is the tenth. Even as a small country, they are pretty wealthy. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the king, has a reported net worth of $20 billion.

While Mateen's net worth may not be known, you can easily tell that the Prince has no problems when it comes to money.

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Let us take a look at our ten favourite facts about him.

1. He loves animals. With what looks like a leopard cub in his room and many pictures of him cuddling animals in his home and during his many trips, Prince Mateen sure seems to be a huge animal lover.

2. He loves the finer things. His Instagram is filled with many pictures of him driving fancy cars and rocking expensive fashion and accessories.

3. He loves to travel - from desserts to oceans.

4. He is a lieutenant in the Brunei Army.

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5. Prince Mateen is a Manchester United fan.

6. He is pretty athletic - he has a passion for boxing, polo, golf and even bungee jumping.

7. Oh, and he loves music too. He once said he played a bit of guitar.

8. He loves hanging with his friends. Speaking to GQ, he said his friends "are my pack and they are another important factor in keeping me grounded."

9. He loves hanging out with his dad too.

10. He has a heart of gold. Despite what looks like a full and busy life, Mateen is also involved in various charities.

We can see why hundreds of thousands of people adore him on social media. His pictures tell a story of an interesting and multi-faceted guy.