10 Surprising Places That Have More Germs Than Your Toilet

February 23, 2018 16:21

We have all been taught to wash our hands very thoroughly after using the bathroom and for some of us, that leaves the impression that this is the most germ-infested place in the home. But there are many other areas within or outside the house that expose us to as much - or even more- germs as our bathrooms.

1. Swimming pools

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Did you know that a water area full of kids can have 22 pounds of poops floating around? Because kids usually have up to 10 grams of feces left over in their bums and majority of them do not clean up before jumping in the pool, imagine all the leftover poop that the water rinses off. To protect yourself, it's best not to swallow any water.

2. Your tech gadgets

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These devices are almost always filthy. In fact, it has been said that mobile phones may even have up to 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. It is important to clean your devices regularly.

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3. Restaurant menus

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Imagine the number people who touch this every day. And apparently, most restaurants only clean them once a day, if that. To reduce the chances of catching something, wash your hands after you order, not before you sit.

4. Shopping bags

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When grocery-shopping, most of us pick and drop all sort of items all the time. So, when you put these products in your shopping bag, the natural thing is to wash them before eating or using. But do you remember to wash the bag itself?

5. Restaurant fruit wedges

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Researchers who looked at the dozens of fruit wedges from the rims of restaurant glasses found that a majority of them had microbes that can cause diseases. Perhaps you want to skip the lemons next time.

6. Carpet

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There are a lot of bacteria breeding on his stuff. Apart from regular vacuuming, you should also steam your carpets as frequently as possible.

7. Doorknobs

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These are even more dangerous in public areas. They get touched by literally thousands of people. To protect yourself, always have a hand sanitizer handy.

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8. Light switches

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Just like the doorknobs, these are also germ-ridden hubs. Wipe light switches down in your home and protect yourself when you're outside.

9. Elevator buttons

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Again, having a hand sanitizer on hand should serve as a handy solution.

10. Pillows and mattresses

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These contain our bodily secretions, skin cells, dust mites and more. Your pillows (if washable) should be washed as often as possible. Your mattress should also be cleaned regularly. Pillows should be changed yearly.

As you can see, germs lurk where you least expect it. It pays to be very careful and maintain a habit of cleanliness.

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Source: WebMD, SheKnows