Abandoned Kitten Desperately Needed A Mom And A Golden Retriever Stepped Up! Their Love Story In Pictures

March 14, 2018 15:11

Honey the cat needed more than just companionship. He needed to be comforted, cared for and protected. Simply put, he needed a mom but his was nowhere to be found.


Tamatamago / Instagram


For a long time, the tiny kitten with an injured tail was alone. Then a kind man came around and rescued him. The compassionate person took the sad and lonely cat home with him to meet a golden retriever that would later become the feline's best friend.


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Tamatamago / Instagram


Honey and Mamiao hit it off almost instantly. The dog seemed to instinctively know what Honey needed because as soon as the golden retriever saw the cat, she nuzzled him. From then on, they became the best of friends.


Tamatamago / Instagram


In an interview with Lovemeow, the pets' human explained that Honey saw Mamiao as his new mom. The kitten was so close and connected to the dog that he even tried to nurse on her. Mamiao did not mind one bit and they often spent their times snuggled with each other.

Like any mother, Mamiao was always ready to share her wisdom. So, as Honey grew up, he learned from the dog how to play around the house, what to do during car rides, how to walk on a leash and much more.


Tamatamago / Instagram


It has been several months since Honey and Mamiao met and today the cat is a happy, well-adjusted two-year-old. His bond with the dog continues to strengthen as the days go on.


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An entire Instagram page was dedicated to both the cuties and we can clearly see how close they are. In the pictures, we see them cuddling, relaxing and even playing together. The two are inseparable and they are just so incredibly adorable.


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Source: LoveMeow