Long Life And Timeless Beauty: These Are The Things Queen Elizabeth Eats To Maintain Her Health


July 18, 2018 17:22 By Mambee

Queen Elizabeth is a tough and smart woman. But, above all, she also seems to be in tip-top shape, considering the fact that she's 92 years old. If you're really looking for the best dietary advice, then you may want to figure out how the monarch is doing it.


In 2015, she was named the longest reigning monarch. We bet there are a lot of factors that contribute to her being healthy, but we all know that the food we eat plays a major role in our well-being.

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A former royal chef, Darren McGrady, spilled the beans, so to speak, on what the Queen loves to eat and when. From the looks of things, she sure has a strict menu. Here are the main things we discovered.

1. Before breakfast


Queen Elizabeth does not simply dive into her first meal of the day. Before she eats her breakfast, she has some freshly-brewed Earl Grey tea with no sugar. She also has some biscuits with it.

2. For breakfast


She often enjoys having breakfast with her husband, Prince Philip. The Queen usually prefers cereal and yogurt. When she has some toast, it's spread with light marmalade.

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3. She forsakes starch later in the day

Nutritionists always advise that it's best to eat healthily, especially towards the end of the day. And this is a rule the Queen follows. At about 1:00 pm, when she has her lunch, the royal often goes for proteins and vegetables. She tends to avoid such starchy foods as pasta, rice or potatoes in her her afternoon and evening meals.

4. Afternoon tea


She may be all about eating super healthily in the afternoons and evening, but the Queen is also known for the sacredness of her tea time. For her afternoon tea, she enjoys a snack of honey and cream sponge cake or chocolate biscuit cake. She also loves sandwiches.

5. And she loves her chocolate


McGrady also revealed that the Queen enjoys chocolate so much that he often called her a 'chocoholic.' "She loves dark chocolate the most", the former royal chef stated.


One thing you must have noticed is that the Queen does not really devote too much of her time and energy to eating perfectly.


She does maintain an active lifestyle by going on walks with her dogs and she even goes horseback riding from time to time.


So, perhaps, her secret to longevity is simply enjoying everything in moderation and moving as much as she can.

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