Premature Babies In The NICU Get A Visit For Santa In Celebration Of Their First Christmas


December 26, 2017 17:22 By Mambee

Some preemie babies at a Texas hospital neonatal intensive care unit got their very first visit and pictures with Santa Claus.

Santa was at the St. David’s Women’s Center last week and brought some merry Christmas cheer to the little ones and their families. One of the hospital employees donned the Santa outfit and visited the babies in the NICU. In total, almost 50 babies, who were all dressed in red and white for the festivities, got to spend a little time with jolly old Saint Nick.

Amy Irons, the director of neonatal services at the hospital said the cheerful visit was aimed at brightening up the holidays for the babies who did not get a chance to go home. "We don't want them to miss out on that experience," Irons said.

The employee went all out to nail his Santa look. He reportedly spent the whole year growing his thick, white beard and went around the NICU, gifting the infants with elf hats and stockings. The inscription on the gifts read, 'My First Christmas.'

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The hospital shared photos of the visit on their social media page and people found them very adorable.

Irons said that one of the babies, who happened to be dressed as a mini Santa Claus for the occasion needed respiratory apparatus. She told PEOPLE:

So the piece that gives him the oxygen he needs, his mom actually glued some cotton balls to make him a Santa beard and then he had a Santa outfit on.

Santa also got to take pictures with little triplet girls. They were all placed together in one little crib and their mother was just so emotional when she saw her premature babies together, with the smiling Santa behind them. The girls were sporting beautiful bows made out of their elf hats.

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This experience was a wonderful way to give the babies and their families something different from the regular hospital routine. The parents of the kids will surely have memories that will last a lifetime, thanks to this event. The pictures were just so precious.

Source: People