8 Exercises For Women Over 40: An Effective Fitness Routine That Tones The Whole Body

July 10, 2018

No matter how hard we try to remain young and fit, aging brings along muscle loss and slows down our metabolism. From the age of 30, physically inactive people can lose from 3 to 5% of their muscle mass and this percentage increases every 10 years.

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This condition is called sarcopenia and it doesn't only affect the way the body looks: It also causes weakness and diminishes mobility and strength! In order to avoid such unwanted consequences, it is important to stay active daily and make exercising an integral part of your life.

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The best choice is a full body workout, which should be intensive enough to speed up your metabolism and enrich your body with oxygen. Fitness activity boosts your immune system, slows down aging and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Obviously, there are many benefits from it. We suggest you exercise every day to tone all your muscles and stay healthy.

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For your back

As muscles deteriorate, your posture may suffer. This is also the result of a sedentary lifestyle and weak back muscles. Here is what you can do to strengthen your back.

1. Bird dog

Get on your knees and hands, keep your back straight, do not round your shoulders. Lift your right arm and left leg at the same time to form a straight line from your fingers to your toes. Hold the position for 3 seconds, and then switch arms and legs.

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2. Back Bow

Lie on your tummy and put your hands behind your neck. Lock your fingers together. Lift your chin a little bit and as you exhale squeeze your shoulder blades and move your elbows back.

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For your arms and shoulders

Perform these exercises to prevent sagging skin and arthritis.

1. Modified bicep curl

Grab dumbbells or bottles of water and curl your biceps, bringing the weights to the chest. Then put your arms down and do the second curl to the sides.

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2. Sprinting arms

Put one leg in front of you for stability, do the moves with your arms like you are jogging. You will feel a nice burn in your shoulders and arms and give your joints a proper warm up.

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For the core muscles

1. Up-and-down plank

Stand on your toes and forearms, keeping the whole body in a straight line. Stay in this plank position for at least 10 seconds, then go up on your hands, and then down again on the forearms.

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2. Alternate toe touch

Lie on your back, lift one leg and your torso at the same time. Try to reach your hands with your toes, then switch legs.

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For your hips

These exercises develop the strength of your muscles and joint mobility.

1. Static lunge

Put one leg in front and the other one back, bend your knees till the knee of the back leg almost touches the ground. Perform up and down movements.

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2. Bridge with a leg raise

Lie on your back with knees bent. Lift your hips as high as you can - your shoulder blades and feet should remain on the ground. Keep this position for 10 seconds. Straighten one leg and lift it up, trying to bring it close to your chest, and then switch legs.

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These exercises are meant to hit all your muscles. They are good for complete beginners and also for fitness enthusiasts who can grab heavier weights and challenge themselves.

Fitness tip

It is very important to do a warm-up before any workout to prevent injuries. If you feel the training session is too easy for you, speed it up to benefit more from it.

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You can incorporate these exercises easily into your daily schedule: work out while watching a movie, playing with your children or grandchildren, or while walking the dog outside. Remember, daily activities are the key to healthy living and a young look for many more years to come!

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