Building An Hourglass Figure: 6 Effective Exercises And Tips To Sculpt The Body Of Your Dreams

February 27, 2018

Women always dream of getting in shape! In this case, dreams do not bring results, actions do. They say the hourglass type of figure is the most attractive and feminine. It is not hard to sculpt your figure into an hourglass if to know what areas to target.

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What is considered an hourglass shape? It's a body figure with a thin waist, and equally wide shoulders and hips. It is all about proportions, no need to bother about actual measurements.

Step 1. Lose weight

Fat usually accumulates in the abdomen area in women. It makes the waistline less distinctive and hides those curves we all crave for. In order to lose weight, reconsider your diet and exclude sugary and salty products, processed food and high-calorie meals.

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Cardio training is a good way to lose extra pounds. It can be any activity you enjoy – swimming, jogging, jump rope exercises or cycling.

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Step 2. Gain muscles

As an hourglass presupposes the right proportions, it is important to choose the exercises, which develop muscles in certain areas. Sculpted back, arms and legs will make a waist smaller visually.

Top 5 exercises you need.

Squat + Back Leg Raise

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Walking lunges

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Bicycle crunch

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Plank + arms raise

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Walkdown plank + slaps

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You can perform this workout as the whole set. Make 10 repetitions for each exercise and rest after one set. After a minute of rest, repeat the whole set again. Challenging yourself and breaking your own limits will bring positive results to your body.

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Remember, that health comes first, so if you feel unwell during performing exercises, stop immediately. Set your own time and number of repetitions, which feels comfortable for your body.

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The most common mistakes women make when they try to get in shape is targeting abs as a priority. It is impossible to get thinner in one particular area, and working out one muscle group does not reduce fat around that group either. Another mistake is starving yourself or doing tons of cardio workouts only.

It is important to use the holistic approach. Healthy eating, a proper amount of sleep, cardio and weight workouts in a tandem will help you to build your body and astonish you with results.

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