What Causes That "Old Person Smell" and How To Cope With It

February 20, 2018 14:04

We all want to stay young forever, but it is impossible to turn back the time. We all get old, and the key to graceful aging is accepting it.


Aging brings along the body changes we need to embrace. Among others, body odor can be the most disturbing.

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When pain and weakness we experience may not be visible, the smell may a huge reason to shake a person’s confidence.

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Why does it happen?

Unfortunately, the process is inevitable. Skin starts to produce more lipid acids due to hormonal change; the lipid acids are oxidized and release a chemical compound Nonenal.

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Nonenal is the reason for the odor.It can be very distinctive in nursery homes, as it lingers in linen and clothes.

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Sometimes old people live alone and do not have much help from the family, they take care of their own hygiene less, so the smell gets more persistent.

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It was considered to be an issue which could not be fixed!


But smart Japanese scientists have taken care of it already! They invented deodorized which neutralizes the “old people odor”.

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They use a natural ingredient in such products – a persimmon extract. It appeared, tannin is effective in getting rid of the Nonenal smell.

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Cosmetics lines such as Mirai Clinical and Shiseido Group produce a large range of body washes, soap, and lotions to battle a problem.

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Do you think it is an appropriate gift for senior people - a soap against the smell?

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