Chihuahua Rescues Her 92-Year-Old Owner By Barking For 5 Hours Straight

October 24, 2018

What goes around, comes around! This world has known so many heroes, and many of them are our pets, who are by our side in good the and the bad times!

This old lady, 92, once saved a dog from a life of homelessness. The Chihuahua was abandoned by her previous owners and got into shelter, but she was soon united with Marie Alexander, who was lonely and needed a friend.


ABC Action News / YouTube

Marie saved the dog’s life, and she paid back. When the woman came outside one day to check her post, she twisted her ankle and collapsed. When you are 92, that may cause a serious problem. The woman found helself behind the bushes in her front yard, so no one could see her from the street.

ABC Action News / YouTube

What her dog, Sassy, did was amazing. She would not stop barking. It went on for 5 hours, as Marie kept lying there, to attract attention. Finally, a couple passing by noticed the strage behaviour and guessed that the dog was trying to say something.

When they spotted Marie Alexander, she was in severe conditions and they had to take her to the hospital. She was dehydrated due to under the sun for so may hours, but no one knows what could have happened if her loyal dog was not around.

I saved her life in the shelter, and she saved mine,” Marie told to the reporters.

Sassy returned the favor to her owner, and paid back for her love and care with devotion and loyalty! Dogs are, indeed, amazing creatures.

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