The Comics Created By This Supermom Tell The Side-Splitting Truth About Rearing The First And The Second Child

April 12, 2018 17:23

Wang Chen is a thirtysomething supermom and game designer, living in Seattle and dreaming of a comic artist's career.

Here's how she illustrates herself in her side-splitting comics, dedicated to such real-life topics as motherhood, family, child-raising, relationships, and so on.

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Wang Chen has a Wordpress blog, Instagram, and Facebook pages which tell her visitors awkward but funny stories everyone's familiar with.

Wang Chen is a mom of two daughters, Ali and Electra, and her recent series of comics illustrate the too-real dissimilarities between bringing up your first child and your second.

She noted that the reactions of friends to the news of the first and the second pregnancy were slightly different.

Besides, she reflects on her experience of finding motherhood inspiration for the first baby and for the second one. It seems so familiar!

The woman shows that the concept of hygiene evolves as you give birth to the second child.

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And even the toys your first and second kid play with change!

The way you store baby pictures of your little ones also changes, according to Wang Chen.

And, unfortunately, even the way your partner treats you changes from the first to the second pregnancy.

Her series of comics doesn't end the in early childhood years of the kids though, as they continue the storyline as the children become older.

What an amazing talent - to combine a mom's duties with the things you tenderly love!

If the situations captured in these comics have happened to you at least once, share this story to let others see the incredible talent this woman has!

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