34 Years After Their Birth, The Walton Sextuplets Look Amazing And Welcome A New Family Member

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March 11, 2019 16:16 By Mambee

The feelings evoked by a birth are probably some of the most powerful emotions experienced by every couple welcoming a new member into their family.

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Imagine how blessed the parents who welcomed the world's first group of surviving all-female sextuplets felt.

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The Waltons had made up their mind to make a final attempt after several unsuccessful fertility treatments. This time, everything worked perfectly.

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Not only did Jane fall pregnant, but she was also expecting six beautiful babies.

All the girls are successful and grown up now. Their parents are happy and excited about welcoming their first precious grandchild into the family.

The sextuplet girls entered the world when Janet reached the 31st week of her pregnancy. All healthy and thriving, they were given the names Ruth, Kate, Lucy, Hannah, Sarah, and Jennie.

Although Jennie was hospitalized in week 8, it was nothing more than a preventive measure. All the girls were born hale and hearty and required so much attention that Janet hardly could take care of them all at once.

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As the girls grew up, they always had a close bond with each other and their parents, so it was quite natural that they ended up settling down close by.

In 2014, one of the daughters, Sarah, gave birth to a baby girl - Jorgie.

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Whenever Sarah says that parenting is complicated due to the numerous sleepless nights and all the exhaustion that comes along with it, grandparents Jennie and Graham are always happy to recollect cherished memories of their unforgettable parenting experience.

Traveling down memory lane, Graham says:

I loved those early years so much, I couldn’t say one phase was better than the others.

There was always plenty of work around those six wonderful girls, however, Janet and Graham were blessed to experience such an overwhelming feeling of parenting.

Since they first saw the scan of their first grandchild, Janet and Graham have had an opportunity to experience the miracle of parenting again.

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