After 40 Hours In Labor, A Baby Pops Out. Then Doctors Spot A Second Baby In The Womb

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July 26, 2018 15:46 By Mambee

Life is a never-ending round of surprises. Each time we make plans for the future, something goes wrong. This is the story of how pleasant unexpected surprises may be.

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Nichole and Matthew Ziesemer were expecting a surprise, but it turned out to be a blessing the couple wasn't fully prepared for. Nichole and Matthew had chosen a natural approach to pregnancy, and that's where this unbelievable story began.

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The couple hired a midwife to help in the delivery of their newborn, as they wanted minimal or no medical intrusion. Nichole and Matthew wanted to give birth to the baby in the peaceful atmosphere of their home. 

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Unfortunately, their destiny had other plans, and Nichole's contractions began earlier than the couple and the midwife expected.

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As the midwife didn't have the care equipment required for a 36-week-old preemie, the couple had to rush to the hospital.

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Destiny had good news for the couple as well, as Nichole's brother Raymond and her sister-in-law were leaving the hospital at the moment she arrived with her huge baby bump.Valeria Aksakova /

Having found out that her family members were around, Nichole went into labor.

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After a wearisome labor of about 40 hours, the exhausted woman gave in and asked for an epidural. After what felt like an eternity, a healthy and beautiful baby girl came into the world.

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However, the doctors were caught off guard while preparing to stitch the new mom up.

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As Nichole had chosen a natural approach to pregnancy, she hadn't had any ultrasounds. The woman tracked her pregnancy only through approximation.

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After Nichole's baby daughter was born, the doctor yelped as he reached in and felt that there was a second head. Thus, for all 36 weeks, Nichole had no clue she had been carrying twins!

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What a wonderful surprise awaited the Ziesemers!

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