Facebook Is Watching You! Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Scans All Your Private Messenger Texts

April 5, 2018 13:48

In a recent interview with Vox's editor Ezra Klein, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the Messenger app scans the content of private messages to detect any information that contravenes the platform's guidelines.

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The Facebook CEO, 33, admitted that it's a well-intentioned policy that exists to help the website benefit its users, by preventing inappropriate information being sent.

In the interview, Mark recollects a situation when he received a phone call from Mountain View staff. Mark was informed that Messenger had been used to share information about forthcoming ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

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According to the Facebook CEO, the dangerous content of the messages was detected and blocked by Facebook's security systems, which examine the links and photos people share with each other.


While the intentions of such practices seem to be well-meaning, Facebook users have raised numerous concerns regarding their private information. It follows shocking news that a Trump-affiliated company obtained the private information of nearly 50 million unwitting Facebook users.

This data was then used to target U.S. voters using psychological profiling.

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Though the Facebook CEO indicates that Messenger scans the content of messages only for beneficial purposes, the public doesn't seem to believe him.

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Another of Facebook's apps, WhatsApp, works in a totally different manner, encoding the content and encrypting users' communication information. Though Messenger also has such a feature, it doesn't turn on automatically.

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Make sure your Messenger information is protected and think twice before you use this app to share your family photos.