This Granny Can Do The Impossible - 51-Year-Old Woman Loses 50 Kilos And Becomes A Powerlifter, Proving That Age Is Just A Number


April 10, 2018 14:06 By Mambee

Michelle Franklin, 51, is half the woman she used to be... yet she couldn't stand taller! Soon she could break a world record as a powerlifter!


Michelle has nothing in common with the idea of a powerlifter that usually comes to mind.

Her transformation began a couple of years ago when she realized that weightlifting was not just for bikini models or Instagram stars.

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By pumping iron and eating a lot of protein, Michelle managed to drop from 16st to 8st 3lb, shedding 50 kg, slimming down her dress size from 18 to 8, and ditching her saggy belly in the process.

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Now Michelle can do a 137.5kg deadlift, 92.5kg squat, and 57.5kg benchpress. And she manages to rock it all, being as light as a feather at just 57 kg bodyweight.

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Michelle currently ranks fourth in the world for her weight and age category. What's even more, she holds the British Record for bench press - 75 kg.

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Her transformation journey to a better self began with a single photo, where Michelle was hiding behind her newly-graduated daughter.

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Michelle decided she needed professional help from her local gym trainer, who brought her up to speed on the benefits of weight training compared to the cardio classics.

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In tandem with her training, Michelle used the magic of the macro-counting weight-loss method. She counted her daily intake of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to complement her exercising regime.

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Just take a look at her toned figure! She has achieved this feat by having a healthy breakfast of oats, muesli, frozen fruit, and yogurt. For lunch, Michelle usually has spinach or broccoli and a sweet potato for dinner.

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Michelle's record-breaking weight loss was presented at the World Masters Powerlifting Championships the last year.

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Michelle's transformation isn't over yet! She wants to prove to women all over the world that making their bodies better is possible even at middle age!

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The most important thing for her is health and strength, both mental and physical, that's why she says:

I'm happy that my body is strong, the aesthetics are a second class really.

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Successful weight loss is probably all about having the proper priorities. Begin your transformation by developing a winning, health-oriented mindset, and the results won't be long in coming!

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