Meet Munchkin, A New Cat Breed With Super Cute Little Legs


March 15, 2018 18:09 By Mambee

Munchkins are playful, sweet-natured, funny, people-oriented, short-legged cats, representing a relatively new breed in the feline world. Much controversy has erupted over the Munchkin as a breed because critics have raised numerous concerns over their mobility and potential health issues caused by the shortness of their legs. But just look at this small cutie, can you believe that the breeding of Munchkins is unethical?

Munchkins Coming Into Being

The name of these short-legged companions is derived from the scrubby citizens of Munchkin Country, described in 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum. Munchkins resemble any other cats except for one unique trait which is impossible to overlook: they have diminutive legs that make them a bit similar to Dachshunds and Welsh Corgis.



Munchkins' stubby legs are the result of a genetic mutation, that's why some believe the breeding of Munchkin cats is unethical, as it encourages the breeding of physical handicaps. Besides, Munchkin cats are unrecognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association and the Cat Fanciers' Association, as critics have voiced many concerns over Munchkins' leaping and running abilities. But is their mobility that bad?

5 Facts You Should Know About Munchkins

1. Munchkins have a short jump. They can leap but just to a short extent. Will they be able to jump onto your nightstand? Not likely. But they'll definitely try if you leave something tasty there.


2. They have a good bill of unfluctuating health. Though experts have raised concerns over Munchkins' health, these cats aren't somehow different from an average housecat. The shortness of their legs is caused by autosomal dominance, which impacts the speed of bone and leg growth but not health in general.

3. They're extremely good runners. Though it's hard to believe, Munchkins are actually very active. Their knack for agility and speed is beyond imagination, so they run their low-above-ground races always full of energy.


4. They're very friendly and curious. Munchkins enjoy the company of other cats, dogs, children, and even mysterious strangers. They'll never refuse an offer of a warm lap for cuddles. What's even more, they enjoy exploring each new corner of your apartment, lifting one thing up at a time.

5. Munchkins behave exactly like bunnies. Sounds strange, but these cats enjoy sitting on their hind legs, what makes them pretty similar to long-eared bunnies. Why do they behave in that way? Just because they want to get a better glimpse of whatever is attracting their attention.

So Do You Want A Munchkin Friend?

Turns out that any additional words wouldn't be necessary, just flip through these videos and you'll figure out why.

Seems like they never run out of energy due to the endless curiosity that drives them forward. And just look at these stumpy legs: aren't they adorable?

Seems like each moment spent with a cute Munchkin is going to become the happiest hour of your life, doesn't it? Share your thoughts with us.