Act of Kindness: Woman Turns Old Police Uniforms Into Adorable Teddy Bears To Help Victimi


Act of Kindness: Woman Turns Old Police Uniforms Into Adorable Teddy Bears To Help Victimized Kids

Date October 13, 2017 09:28

Police officers are not in the habit of throwing away old uniforms, as they worry that they could find their way into the wrong hands, and someone somewhere might want to impersonate a cop. So when this officer told his wife that the police department had dozens of cop uniforms they want to repurpose, she came up with a brilliant idea.

Officer Cody Gray told his wife, Eva, that his superiors were trying to find the best way to dispose of police uniforms dating back to the 1990s. It was not long before she came up with the perfect idea to turn them into awesome teddy bears.

Inside Edition / Youtube

Eva, who did not like the idea of things going to waste, said that this way, the uniforms will serve a different purpose. She suggested that it might be a great idea for the officers to keep the teddy bears in their squad cars and give it away to kids who needed a little bit of a cheer-up.

The police department loved the idea, and Eva soon began working on turning 150 old uniforms into what she called 'patrol bears'.

This process was not a quick one. In fact, Eva revealed that the first bear took six hours to make. However, she got better as she continued and now, it only takes two and a half hours to complete each one.

Inside Edition / Youtube

Her goal is for every squad car in Kalkaska, Michigan, to house at least two teddy bears. The plan is to give these bears to children who have just suffered a painful loss, tragedy, or accident.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Cody Gray revealed that he was not sure how he would feel when the time came to give out his first bear.

The teddy bears are going to kids when they’re at the most vulnerable, when they need something extra to help them get through an event. I think it’s going to be great to give these to the kids, so they can feel better in a bad situation.

Check out the adorable creations by Eva Gray in the video below.

Source: Inside Edition / Youtube