Couple Announce To Loved Ones That They Are Adopting 4 Siblings And Receive Their Incredible Support

Date October 20, 2017

A couple in North Carolina was ready to announce to their loved ones that they plan to adopt four kids who all happen to be siblings. They wanted to make the moment even more special by recording everyone's reactions to the news.

Tammy Waltz said she and her husband wanted to create something memorable with the announcement and something the children would appreciate.

Tammy and Drew met the children - three boys and one girl - when they decided to host them for the holidays and five weeks during the summer. This experience was made possible by the Open Hearts and Homes for Children.

A spokesperson for the non-profit organization said that they were glad that these four wonderful siblings now get to be with a loving family, and they can't wait for the adoption process to be completed.

Speaking to ABC, Tammy said about the siblings:

They are so, so sweet. They're loving, extremely affectionate. They have their moments, but it doesn't deter us. They are awesome kids.

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She also revealed that they thought about adoption after spending the summer, spent with the kids. Earlier this year, they began telling family and friends about their decision to adopt four children. They recorded all the squeals of excitement looks of surprise and brought them all together to create a truly spectacular video.

Once the video was completed, they then showed it to the children. Tammy said they were very excited and just could not wait to be a part of one big family.

Michelle Ziner, a friend of the couple's, revealed that she found their relationship with the children to be really wonderful.

She said to ABC, "they exhibited the most caring, gentle, and kind yet firm parenting with the kids."

The announcement video has garnered almost 180,000 views, and it was just so apparent how much the couple's family and friends approve of this wonderful news.

Source: ABC

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