Young Woman Poses With A Huge Alligator For Her Graduation Pictures, Saying He Is "A Real Sweetheart"

Date July 16, 2019 18:28

These graduation pictures of Makenzie Noland and her pet are probably far from what you usually expect from this type of shots.

The 21-year-old A&M College graduate with a degree in wildlife and fishery sciences posed in a graduation dress and a hat next to a huge alligator, which emerged from underwater to glance at his human friend.

If you still cannot believe that friendship between people and these deathly reptiles could exist, you can have a look at this one.

The 13-foot, 8.5-inch alligator lives in a rescue center, the Gator Country, in Beaumont, Texas. Noland, who has worked in the center as an intern, fell in love with the 1000-pound beast named Big Tex and visited him regularly since their first meeting.

These two got attached to each other along the way. Makenzie says Big Tex is a "real sweetheart" and he never harmed her.

She revealed to BuzzFeed News:

"I call him over, talk all sweet to him, tickle his nose, and reassure him that I'm not going to hurt him."

These videos of the feeding show, which the pair puts on regularly for visitors, make the chills go down the spine.

According to Dr. Sharman Hoppes, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, reptiles prefer some people to others and may recognize those feeding them or communicating with them more often.

Dr. Hoppes claims it is not certain whether they can feel love or attachment to humans, but observations reveal that reptiles enjoy some people’s company, especially tactile interactions.

The owner of the sanctuary, Arlie Hammonds, says that the friendship between Noland and Big Tex did not come about overnight.

It took the beast two weeks to accept and recognize the young woman. At first, he saw her watching him, feeding him from the outside of his pen's fence. Only later did she come inside. The next step was watching the alligator from the bank before watching him from close proximity in the water.

Apparently, where some people see the extreme danger, others find a source for a great relationship!

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