Pitbull Left In Cage On The Beach Nearly Drowned In The Rising Tide But Was Rescued At The Last Minute

Date August 2, 2018

Dogs are thehuman’s best friends, and it is hard to believe that someone can harm them intentionally.  However, cruelty and neglect of the pets occur all the time.

A gray and white pitbull was locked in a cage and abandoned on a beach. That cage was on the edge of the sand and as the tide was rising. The poor dog was left with no means of escaping and it was eventually pulled into the water.

The accident happened at a bayfront Veterans Memorial Park in Highlands. A local resident was walking his dog, who spotted something strange behind the rock bulkhead. As they approached, they noticed the  metal cage with the pet inside and rushed to the rescue. The Good Samaritan jumped over and pulled the animal from his cell.

If not for the sharp nose of the canine, the pitbull might have drowned! The rescued animal was taken to the Highlands Police Department, who then contacted Animal Control.

The Police are investigating the case and looking for those who committed such a heartless act. 33 states and the District of Columbia have now established laws that make intentional animal cruelty a felony. The rest of the states consider animal cruelty as a misdemeanor.

More and more states require individuals charged with cruelty against animals to serve a prison sentence, pay a fine, and undergo psychological evaluation and counseling. If not for some very good luck, and the heroic action of a stranger, this dog could have drowned. The help came just in time, and now, hopefully, the police will find and arrest the culprit.

Source: Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office / Facebook

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