Woman Saves 11 Cats and Kittens After Her Fateful Discovery Of A Sealed Box

Date January 28, 2019

It so happens that unfortunate circumstances occur, and stray animals are found roving about in different parts of the world with no means of survival.

Luckily, organizations have been established for the rescue and recovery of such animals.

A notable organization is UK Animal Charity Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT). 

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This rescue team engages in the rescue and adoption program of felines.

Various testimonies are on their social media platform and website to encourage anyone considering to adopt a cat. They are open during the weekends.

Aside from these organizations, there have been several inspiring stories of good samaritans who saved a stray animal popping up on the internet.

Here is an incredible story like that.

Woman helps CHAT save the day

It was another day of superhero duties for the CHAT when they got a call from a woman.

Quite a few carton boxes were stacked in a alley, in London, where a good Samaritan was passing by.

However, the sound coming from the direction of the boxes caught the woman's attention.

She went back to the alley, meow sounds of cats could be heard inside the air-tight box. She then informed CHAT of her discovery.

When the CHAT rescue team got to the scene, they couldn't immediately bring out the cats because they couldn't predict whether they had violent tendencies.

However, they made holes around the box for ventilation for the felines.

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Eventually, they opened the box and confirmed that there were 11 young cats and kittens.

The cats and kittens had been in great danger of losing their lives before the woman found them.

Currently, the cats are getting time to rest and getting treated for fleas. They are also getting neutered and microchipped.

Talking to The Dodo about their state, a representative said that:

“They were initially shocked but have now become much more friendly and are doing well. They were all a bit thin but are healthy young adult cats and will make a good recovery."

We are glad that the woman didn’t turn her back on the abandoned animals.

Fast growing problems of discarded felines in the US

As good-hearted as one might be, people often get discouraged of adopting felines because of the feral cats. Feral cats are the offspring of stray or abandoned household pets.

These cats may appear to be tamed or trained, but they are wild animals.

A cat's tendency to reproduce quickly, in addition to the carelessness of the appropriate authorities to handle this unwanted development, has resulted in an alarming estimate of 70 million feral cats that live in the United States.

They can either prey on or be preyed on.

Woman Saves 11 Cats and Kittens After Her Fateful Discovery Of A Sealed Boxvicspacewalker /

We all have a role to play in reducing the number of feral cats in our locality.

Choosing to treat our kittens properly and offering help to shelters are some of the steps to take in achieving this goal.

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