Family Cat Went Missing For 14 Months, Only To Be Found Double His Size Eating Away At A Pet Food Factory

Date January 8, 2019

A stray cat is an occurrence we must have encountered at some point in our lives, and it leaves us wondering why cats run away all the time? 

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Why cats run away

First of all, it is important to understand that cats are territorial animals. If your cat senses that it's in another cat's territory, it is likely it will keep leaving. Your cat could also be running away because it senses another cat in heat, as they love reproducing.

Family Cat Went Missing For 14 Months, Only To Be Found Double His Size Eating Away At A Pet Food Factoryjue6577 /

Also, these feline creatures are descendants of great hunters, so they love hunting. Your cat could be leaving for a much-needed hunting session. In some rare cases, they could be naughty, like this Norwegian forest cat.

Clive, the runaway cat

Clive is a two-year-old Norwegian forest cat who went missing when he was nine months old. In 2014, he left home, leaving his parents, Tanya and Colin Irons, and their two-year-old daughter devastated. His cat siblings also missed cuddling with their brother.

The family posted fliers everywhere in search for their beloved cat. They even put up appeals on Facebook, but it was to no avail. Fourteen months later, they got a message from their vet that their dear cat had been found. Speaking to Mirror about Clive, Tanya said:

“We lost hope of ever seeing him again, but on Wednesday we got a call out the blue from the vets saying he'd been found.

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They couldn't believe it until they got to the vets and met their Clive. Something was different, though: He was almost double the size they remembered.

It was then they were made to understand that Clive had found haven in a pet food factory. He was living the life of a king. The workers at Kennelgate Pet Superstore, in Stapleford, Notts, had noticed food was missing from their store, so they set a trap for the cat-burglar and voila! Clive was caught.  

They took him to a vet, who scanned his chip to find out he belonged to the Irons family.

His mom said they were so shocked by Clives’ appearance that they had to tell their daughter, Elizabeth, that he was a new cat.

They also had to reintroduce Clive to his younger brothers, George and Leon. Clive who didn't eat so much before, and now he consumes vast amounts of food.

Nevertheless, the family is excited to be finally reunited with Clive, and though he is fluffier and heavier now, they don’t love him any less.

What do you do if your pet runs away?

Prevention, they say, is better than the cure, so it best to follow these measures to ensure your cat’s safety.

1. It's best to microchip your pet and update the chip regularly. Also, make sure your pet has a collar with its name on it;

2. You should always carry recent photos of your pet when traveling;

Family Cat Went Missing For 14 Months, Only To Be Found Double His Size Eating Away At A Pet Food FactoryJaromir Chalabala /

3. Do well to contact your local authority once you notice your pet is missing;

4. Make use of social media: In the event of a missing cat, you can post a notice on your Facebook page with a photo of your pet and your contact information.

Pet owners should make sure to keep an eye on their pets to prevent them from going missing. We hope those who have lost their pets find them in a favorable condition, just like Clive’s.

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