Dog Rescued By Ex-Marine’s Husband From Violent Breeder Grows Up To Become Her Greatest Support And Best Friend

Date January 21, 2019

Rock-hard concrete floor, tight spaces, grossly inadequate food, and ill health. Those are few of the many horrible conditions that animals kept for breeding and commercial purposes go through.

They are left in torturous conditions throughout their whole lves and killed when they are longer useful.

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Dog Rescued By Ex-Marine’s Husband From Violent Breeder Grows Up To Become Her Greatest Support And Best FriendGullatawat Putchagarn /

Sadly, companion animals are a favorite source of profit for these evil animal breeders, and dogs often top their list.

Noah The Dog was one of the victims of this cruel trade, and when Vivian saved him, she was unaware of how much he'd come back to repay the favor tenfold.

Noah’s story

Back in 2011, Noah joined Vivian’s family. It was an out of the blue decision as they were not expecting any new member.

Her husband had gone out to check puppies with a friend when he decided to keep Noah to prevent the breeder from shooting him because he was a runt.

Vivian immediately felt a strong connection with Noah as was brought in.

She was an ex-marine who suffered from a knee cap damage. That meant she couldn't pass the fitness test and she had to leave her military career. It had its toll on her.

However, her new friend was there, and they started to grow stronger together.

Then, hard times came around again. In 2012, Vivian had a surgery, which left her restricted for a while, but Noah remained right by her side.

The pair did everything together until she got back on her feet.

And then, in 2013, two years after Noah and Vivian met, she relocated to New Jersey with him because of her new job.

She thought the tribulations were over, but she had no idea what was to come.

In the new place, her health got worse. Her other knee and her back started failing. She could barely do anything but kept trying to force herself.

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When Vivian finally visited the doctor, she was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder.

Here, she was at her lowest point, but one individual was still by her side.

It was Noah! She subsequently registered him as her emotional support animal, and he played a tremendous role in getting her back on her feet once more.

They did everything together, and this included travelling by plane, which was one of Vivian’s greatest fears after her combat experience.

It's been a long time since the pair's first encounter, and now they have a new member in the family: Lincoln, as disclosed in the video shared by Soulmate Dodo:

Vivian said that her hard times were not over yet, but she certainly has the support she needs to keep going forward.

She and her family were Noah's heroes back then, and he's grown up to be hers.

Internet users react to the story

Lots of people were moved by the heart-melting story and took to the comment section to share their opinions.

When the family brought Noah in, they didn't know he was going to become one of their greatest gifts.

This, among so many others small wonders, are the reason we love these animals and will always do so. 

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