Heartwarming: Abandoned Husky Was Hit By A Car, But Was Rescued By A Police Officer Who Later Became His Owner


January 8, 2019 18:22 By Mambee

Like our kids, companion animals, which we all know as 'pets', depend on us to survive properly. These animals look to humans for food, shelter, medical care, and love and attention. Unfortunately, not all of them are privy to these. In places like the UK, the reality is that many of them are abandoned or live in the streets.

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At the top of the list are dogs and cats. According to PETA, an estimated 100,000 dogs and an even larger number of cats are homeless at any given time. These animals, left to fend for themselves, often die from starvation, are hit by cars, attacked by larger animals, catch diseases and so on. In the UK alone, around 21 dogs are euthanized daily.

Animal breeders and those in the pet Industry are mostly to blame, as well as owners who fail to neuter their pets.

As a solution, more animals need to be adopted into good homes. Animal lovers, rather than meeting breeders or pet shops, need to go to shelters instead. 

Thor’s story

Thor, a beautiful cross between an Akita and a husky, was walking down the road when he wandered into oncoming traffic and was hit by a car. The accident resulted in a broken elbow for the two-year-old dog.

29-year-old highway patrolling officer Hannah Moffit, who had initially been trying to control traffic in Thor’s favor, hurried to cradle and comfort him till help in the form of a dog warden arrived.

Together, Hannah, the warden, and a good man who had stopped to protect her and Thor from oncoming trafficking, loaded the pooch into a van, and he was taken to Saint Leonard veterinary hospital.

According to Hannah, she kept cradling and talking to him in an attempt to put him at ease, and she eventually fell in love with him.

"There was a very special bond that formed between us, and I fell in love with him almost straight away.

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While Thor was in recovery at the '8 Below Husky Rescue Center', owing to the instant bond Hannah experienced with him, she applied to adopt him, hoping to give him the loving forever home he deserves this new year.

Kudos to the 8 Below Husky Rescue Center

After he left the veterinary hospital, Thor was taken to the 8 Below Rescue Center to begin his final journey toward recovery.

The recovery process was well documented with pictures uploaded to the organization’s Facebook page.

The rescue center is a charity organization specialized in saving, rehabilitating and rehoming  northern breed dogs, as well as their crosses, in the United Kingdom. They are located in England and Wales.

Volunteers constitute the bulk of the team at the charity organization, and via multiple fundraisers, they generate money to carry out projects.

The organization works with several shelters nationwide, and partners with Battersea Dog Home. Here, any dog registered under the organization gets full rescue back up for life.

Not all abandoned animals who get hit by cars are as lucky as Thor was, but with some changes and care we can bring that number up and make sure no animal has to live and die alone.

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