Two Stray Dogs Form A Strong Bond As They Raise Their Puppies Together. It’s So Beautiful!

Date January 25, 2019

According to the book ‘Why Does My Dog Act That Way’, by Dr Stanley Coren, dogs generally yearn for company, and it has always been that way.

Although dogs prefer to be with their fellow canines, they wouldn’t mind mingling with other species if they are not surrounded by their preferred company. This why they sometimes adopt other animals. 

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Two Stray Dogs Form A Strong Bond As They Raise Their Puppies Together. It’s So Beautiful!Grigorita Ko /

A strong bond

Two stray dogs and their puppies were discovered in Los Angeles, California when a woman who was walking along a pathway in the city spotted them.

She couldn't help but notice the heartwarming scene the pair displayed. Both skinny mother-dogs were snuggling closely to their nine puppies, feeding them.

Despite their deplorable state, all that mattered to them was their offspring.

The compassionate woman moved them in into her home until they could be conveyed to Northwest Dog Project (NDP).

The bond the mothers shared was so evident that the recovery team noticed right away. They named them Thelma and Louise.

While speaking to The Dodo about the dogs’ situation, the executive director of NDP, Emma Scott, said:

“They’re pretty underweight and malnourished … My take is that they had been living on the streets for a while now.”

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The dogs have all settled in nicely at the rescue center, however, that hasn’t weakened Thelma and Louise’s friendship.

The mothers rotate their routines between feeding and grooming their puppies. Thelma and Louise understand each other perfectly.

When photos of them were shared on Facebook, the pair got several comments and support for their mutual love.

Some people referred to them as ‘Single moms unite!' The recovery team revealed that the dogs are most likely Terrier mixed breeds.

There are only two male pups among the litter of nine pups.

The puppies would remain with their mothers until they are five months and put on for adoption.

Dogs are excellent babysitters!

Dogs have amazing maternal instincts, and video below is proof of that.

A dog named Mary fostered three kittens that were dropped off at the Pickens County Animal Shelter in Jasper, Georgia.

Dogs are indeed awesome creatures,and they deserve all the love and care in the world.

Abandoning or abusing an innocent and defenseless creature is heartless. Choose to treat them better today!

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