“We Have A Thing:” Grandmother Who Favors Small Lap Dogs Falls Helplessly In Love With A 100-pound Rottweiler

Date March 12, 2019

Pets generally have a positive influence on their owner's health. A study in Australia and Germany revealed that pet owners fall ill 15% less often than people without pets.

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Due to the high health risks for seniors, pets are good for them. However, dogs are the most recommended pets for older adults.  

Dogs are known to be great companions as they keep you preoccupied with their mischiefs.


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They are also protectors and help keep an emotional balance. Furthermore, walking their dog is a motivation to exercise more often than not for elderly people.

An analysis carried out on seniors and dogs showed that dogs give them purpose.


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Grandmother cuddles up to a big dog

Peggy Allen, or Grammy, as she is fondly called, was not a fan of big dogs but that has changed when she got attached to a 9-month-old Rottweiler, Gus.

She initially met Gus when he was still a puppy, and they bonded pretty well even though she favored small lap dogs.


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During her stay with the Flanagan family, Grammy enjoyed a great time with Gus, and the dog never left her side. 

When Allen came back on her consecutive visit, Gus howled in excitement. She had just lost her husband, and it wore her down emotionally.

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Although her son-in-law, Mike Flanagan, knew she wasn't a fan of big dogs, he knew she needed something to soothe her.

And Gus was the right paw for the job.


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Grammy and Gus have been inseparable. She doesn't hesitate to show him affection, and he also reciprocates.

When Allen's daughter pointed out Gus' love for her, Grammy corrected her, saying that it is mutual. Grammy said:

“We have a thing.”

People are delighted with this couple

Who doesn't enjoy a love story! Well, this bond between Grammy and Gus has Twitter users going ‘awwwww.’

We are glad the Grammy could find love once again. This story cements the truth that dogs are man's best friend. They are just the best.

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