Pregnant Cow Escapes Fate At Slaughter House Despite All Odds To Save Her Baby


January 11, 2019 12:12 By Mambee

To most people, cows are just a source of food. However, cows are actually very intelligent beings and affectionate creatures. Doubtful?

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Well, a research carried out by neuroscientist Lori Marino and Kristin Allen, and published in the journal Animal Behavior And Cognition, proves that cows are highly sentient and intelligent animals that possess different personalities.

Cows also tend to have high emotions; they can rapidly learn various tasks and display a full range of characteristics, including boldness, shyness, and sociability.

Unbelievable? Well, the story of these cows goes a long way to prove the veracity of their research.

Mother Brianna

Brianna is a cow whose actions put her in the limelight and made her a celebrity.

One fateful Thursday morning, late December 2018, at around 2:45 am, Brianna jumped a whopping eight feet from a truck and escaped into the highway, gaining her freedom as reported by Abc7NY

After she caused a lot of commotion and attention, Skyland Animal Sanctuary came to her rescue.

Brianna’s truck was on the way to the slaughterhouse, and she sensed her life was in danger so she ran away, but it would seem it wasn't just her life she was protecting.

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Two days later, Skyland Sanctuary shared a post on their Facebook page: Brianna had given birth to a beautiful female calf whom they named Winter.

The wonderful mother had known that she wouldn't have time to bring her baby to life if she got to the slaughterhouse and she did everything she could to save her baby.

The founder of the Skyland Sanctuary posted on their Facebook page that;

Winter will ‘never be without her mother.

This isn’t the only case of cows protecting their own.

Bold Becky

Bonnie was a 4-month old cow whose owner passed away. Her owner’s family then put her entire herd up for sale to be slaughtered. 

Bonnie sensed danger and boldly ran away into the woods. She ended up in a small town in upstate Holland, New York.

Citizens of the town soon realized Bonnie had taken abode with a herd of deer, learning how to copy their survival skills. How smart!

However, because of the terrible winter, she needed help. Becky, a good samaritan, and an animal sanctuary saved young Bonnie and brought her to a safe environment where she is thriving.

Very shocking indeed, but these stories are just two among many more out there that prove that these bovine creatures are indeed intelligent, and should be valued more.

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