Couple Ends Up With 52 Guinea Pigs After Buying 6 And Not Knowing That One Of Them Was Male

Date July 12, 2019 01:55

Guinea pigs are interesting creatures and it is not wholly uncommon for a family to keep one or two as pets, but 52 of them roaming around your home?

That is outrageous to most people but perhaps when you have read this cute story, you won’t think so anymore.

Sophie Mason, 29, and her husband Mark, 44, from Lincoln, got married in 2017. Right before their honeymoon, Mark decided to gift his wife with guinea pigs because she had always been fascinated by them.

So, they went to a pet shop. With 6 guinea pigs that they assumed were all female safely tucked in their home, they went away on their honeymoon.

However, when they returned they noticed that four of the pigs had added weight. It turns out there was one male amongst them and he was a sly guy!

It was not what they had signed up for but they rolled with it. Two years down the line, they have a thriving guinea pig sanctuary, called Mason Cavies, in their garden and a 54,000 fan base on Facebook.

They now have 46 adult pigs and 6 little ones, some of which they rescued from abuse.

As cute as these animals are, the couple reveals that taking care of them is practically a full-time job because they spend at least 8 hours a day cutting up their fresh vegetables and fruit, hoovering their shed, changing their water bottle and washing the towels they sleep on because they don’t use sawdust.

Beyond the physical demands of this hobby-turned-mission, the demands on their pockets are just as strenuous. As it turns out, the pigs consume £250 worth of vegetables every month.

However, the mother of one said that she would not have it any other way. She said:

“For me, looking after that many is not a chore, it’s something I adore doing. They really are fascinating animals.”

Now, the couple has put up some of the pigs for adoption and are keen on educating others on how to care for their furry friends.

Sophie and Mark might not have fathomed having 52 guinea pigs, but sometimes the unexpected turns out to be worth it in the end!

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