People Rescue ‘Exotic’ Bird That Couldn’t Fly And It Turns Out It Was A Seagull Covered In Curry

Date July 15, 2019

It is not every day that you see such a curious turn of events as this poor little seagull's, which went through an unplanned dyeing session.

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital was curious and did not quite know what to expect when they got a call about a bright orange injured bird.

A good Samaritan had seen the important-looking orange bird on the side of the road, unable to fly, and decided they should help.

They quickly got the bird off the street and called the wildlife hospital to say they had found an injured exotic bird and that they were bringing it in.

As soon as it got to the animal clinic, the veterinary doctors realized that, rather than being an exotic orange bird, the ‘injured’ bird was a regular white seagull that had flown into a curry.

The little bird, which the doctors named ‘Vinny' after the Vindaloo curry it was covered in, had gotten itself doused in turmeric and, as a result, could not fly well.

After careful examination, the doctor’s diagnosis was that Vinny would need a very good bath.

The bird was not in any way injured and was otherwise healthy despite the powerful odor emanating from its body. The Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital wrote on its official Facebook page:

“This is one of the strangest casualty circumstances we have seen in a while! Our veterinary team bravely bathed the gull (now named Vinny after a Vindaloo curry) to clean off his feathers. He managed to cover them in curry water, but eventually did let us scrub him clean.”

Little Vinny had contrary ideas about taking a bath and put a courageous fight, even managing to look slightly annoyed while he was being bathed.

According to Tiggywinkles, Vinny now looks way better and should soon be cleared for release.

Amusingly, this is not the first time wildlife specialists have had to treat a curry-soaked bird. Back in 2016, a seagull named Gullfrazie fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala in the U.K.

Quite a number of Facebook users responded to Tiggywinkles’ post, and they had quite a few things to say.

One user, Hilary Langdon, wrote:

“Perhaps he always longed to be a Golden Eagle! Well done for rescuing him and many thanks for all the wonderful work you do.”

Although Vinny was not an exotic bird, we're still happy he got rescued.

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