A Beautiful Friendship: Dog Saves The Life Of A 7-Year-Old Boy With Diabetes By Alerting His Parents


March 12, 2019 13:51 By Mambee

For most people, their dog is a very important member of the family. But in Luke's case, his dog, Jedi, is so much more than that. Jedi is not just a companion but also a lifesaver

7-year-old Luke Nuttal has type 1 diabetes. According to KTLA, Luke's pancreas stopped producing insulin, which means his body can only get energy from food.

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As a result, the glucose in his blood can quickly spike high or low, and this is usually very dangerous when the boy is asleep. 

As it turned out, Luke didn't have anything to worry about thanks to his guardian angel, Jedi, who could smell these changes in glucose levels. 

Luke's mother, Dorrie, once shared a post on Facebook describing a particular incident when Jedi saved Luke's life. She woke up one day to see Jedi lying on top of her, which was a warning sign.

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Dorrie checked Luke's glucose monitor and things looked fine, but Jedi was persistent.

Dorrie realized that there must be a reason for the dog to be acting that way. So she pricked Luke's finger and saw that the boy's glucose was very low and judging by Jedi's behavior, she concluded that the numbers were dropping fast. Luke was still fast asleep through all this. 

Dorrie explained that she was able to quickly give Luke a glucose tab, which got things back under control.

According to the mom, Luke had never been able to wake up on his own to notice his low blood sugar so he relied on his parents to wake him up and on the dog to alert them.

Jedi had been trained to keep track of these changes and his alerts often come before Luke's diabetes monitor's.

Luke's bond with his dog is a special one indeed. They spend a lot of time together and, while Jedi is always there to offer his friendship, he also looks out for his human buddy when it comes to his health.

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