Tigress Is Rescued After Being Mistreated In A Circus. Today, She Has Found Herself A Soulmate

Date January 23, 2019

Aasha, the tigress, had a pretty terrible start to life. It got so bad that In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue & Educational Center had to step in to give her another chance at a better life. 

According to the center's website, they were contacted by the United States Department of Agriculture about a little tigress who needed help. In her first four months of life, Aasha was pushed around and treated so badly that her health began to suffer.

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By the time In-Sync came into the picture, Aasha was almost completely bald. Her growth was stunted and she was incredibly unhealthy. She had ringworm all over and her skin was cracking.

In-Sync's founder, Vicky Keahey, told The Dodo that Aasha belonged to a traveling circus in her early months of life. She weighed 30 pounds, which was shocking considering that she was 9 months old when she was eventually rescued .

Her weight was the same as a 3-month-old healthy tiger, making her severely underweight.

To help make her better, her rescuers had to bath her in medicated shampoo and give her medications to soothe her broken skin.

Slowly, Aasha got healthier and she started to interact more with those around her. 

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Finding love

Within eight months of being rescued, Aasha had transformed into a real, happy and healthy tigress. The time came for her to be introduced to others like her. 

They put her right next to Smuggler, another tiger, and he was immediately smitten. Vicky said Smuggler would often show off for Aasha, which was probably his way of expressing his interest.

Even though Smuggler was about three times bigger than Aasha, Vicky suspected that the pair would get along just fine. And she was right. After a couple of supervised 'dates', the duo hit it off and they became super close.

They were soon moved to the same enclosure so they could be together, and their friendship only grew and developed. 

Aasha may have had a tough life as a cub, but she has been able to turn things around with the help of kind humans and, now, she is surrounded by friends and love.

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