Animal Shelter Celebrates As Their Last Dog Gets Adopted: The Adorable Creature Just Can't Stop Smiling

Date February 20, 2019

For an abandoned pet, being adopted from a shelter is cause for celebration enough When you add the fact that this senior dog had to wait so long while watching other animals find their forever homes, it's hard not to shed tears of joy when his time came.

7-year-old Capone has had to deal with rejection twice, and also looked on as the shelter gradually emptied and he still remained. The Staffordshire terrier mix got so depressed about this that he could barely eat.

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Carly Quinn, director of the Ionia County Animal Shelter, told The Dodo that Capone was initially adopted shortly after he entered the shelter, in 2017. However, after an issue with another dog in his new home, he was returned.

Coming back to the shelter was difficult and Capone stopped eating. Quinn said:

He lost quite a bit of weight as he just did not have the appetite he did in his home. It was very hard to get him to eat. We had to coax him daily with treats and assorted wet foods.

The dog was understandably heartbroken and he became more careful about who he let come close to him. While he was once friendly and open, he became more picky of his friends.

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The shelter knew that Capone would thrive better in a home where there were no other pets, but finding this type of situation for a senior dog was challenging. Eventually, it happened. 

A couple who learned of Capone's story via the shelter's Facebook page expressed their intention to adopt the dog, but the shelter staff were worried that Capone, who was now less trusting, would not love his new parents.

Quinn said:

My staff and I (crossed) our fingers that Capone would like them. As I walked into the lobby with Capone, he stopped and looked at Jon and Ashlee for a while. They both knelt down and Capone ran right into their arms.

It was an incredible moment and those who witnessed it could not help but tear up that the dog finally found a forever home.

Later on, Capone's new owners shared a picture of the dog in his new home and his expression of joy and contentment was hard to miss.

This dog sure had it rough for a long time. Thankfully, his story had a happy ending. And this is a perfect reminder that adopting animals from a shelter is a truly wonderful thing to do.

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