A True Show Of Devotion: Dog Refuses To Leave Her Homeless O


A True Show Of Devotion: Dog Refuses To Leave Her Homeless Owner's Side For 12 Hours After He Passed Away

Date March 13, 2019 17:07

A devoted dog helped authorities identify a homeless man by sticking by her owner even after he passed away.

Scarper, the dog, was right there by her owner's side for 12 hours after he died. The man, who was identified as 53-year-old Nick, had no identification on him when his body was discovered, but thanks to Scarper they were able to find out who he was.

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Nick and Scarper were no strangers to Michelle Clark, who ran a charity called Dogs on the Streets (Dots). The charity has about 400 dogs and their owners registered in their database and each pet has a unique number written on the tag.

So when authorities contacted Clark to ask for her help identifying Nick, they were able to pull up his information.

While speaking to Standard, Clark explained that Scarper literally sat by his owner's side for hours. She explained that, afterward, the dog was initially put in foster care but she was later placed in the custody of Nick's mother.

Clark said:

It was very emotional but I think what’s so warming, both his mom and myself said, that there’s still a bit of Nick around because of the dog, and the dog is so beautiful.

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DOTS was founded in 2017 by Clark with the aim of providing support for dogs and their homeless owners. The charity is run by volunteers who pitch in to offer veterinary, training, grooming and nutrition services to the pets.

They also help take some burden off the pets' owners by offering food and other accessories, like coats and collars.

It is their belief that having their dogs on their side can help homeless people to overcome mental health issues. As a result, ensuring these pets are healthy and happy is vital.

We have to say, this charity is doing a great job and their efforts are helping to make sure that the homeless aren't forgotten and that their pets are also well-taken care of.

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