Such An Amazing Couple! Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Neglected

Such An Amazing Couple! Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Neglected Stray Cat And Takes Him Traveling Throughout The Country


January 23, 2019 18:47 By Mambee

There are many reasons for adopting a stray animal, but the most rewarding of them is getting a loyal companion who can cure your loneliness. That’s exactly what Paul Robertson did. He went to the animal shelter in order to find a friend.

Robertson has been working as a truck driver and had a travel pal, a cat called Howie, which passed in 2017. After his loss, the man felt the void in the heart must be filled up again.

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And when he saw the ginger feline named Percy, he knew the cat would fit just right into his life on the move. Since he adopted Percy officially, he started sharing their adventures with the world through his Facebook account.

Looking at those pictures, it is clear how much the cat enjoys living with his new owner. The two of them have the sweetest relationships, and they bonded right at their first encounter.

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While Paul is driving his truck through the states, Percy is curling up next to him or staring out of the window. Just as every single cat, he loves to snuggle, sleep on the sun, and purr when you pet him.

Robertson has a heart of gold to give such a happy life to a poor feline! His past before the shelter wasn’t the best. The cat suffered an eye injury and he is missing one canine tooth. They are reminders of homeless roaming and fights with other stray animals.

Now, Percy lives his dream life!

Adopting a lonely and neglected shelter animal means giving them a new chance at life. Such an act of kindness always pays back.

Taking care of a pet improves a person’s mental health, promotes physical health, helps fight depression, anxiety, and loneliness. You provide them with a loving home, and get unconditional love in return!

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