Man Finds A Dog Wandering Alone And Comes Up With Creative Idea To Reunite Her With Owner Again


March 11, 2019 16:57 By Mambee

Dogs are known to get lost. They wander out following a scent or just being curious and can't find their way back home. These unfortunate incidents lead to pets being distressed and confused. Luckily, there are good people who don’t leave them in trouble and do something to help.

One of such people is Jason Gasparik. The man spotted a dark chocolate Labrador on the streets on her own. It was clear that the pup was lost. She was scared and confused. His attempts to take her to a safe place failed as she could not trust a stranger and follow him. But then Gasparik came up with a new idea.

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He told the Dodo:

I noticed she would run after me if I lightly jogged. She was playful but very apprehensive. I decided to run around the parking lot nearby and after some laps around, she finally got tired, lay down and I was able to grab her neck scruff.

In the vet clinic, they scanned the dog, whose name was later found to be Roxy, for a microchip and found one. However, it wasn’t registered and there was no way to detect the owner.

The upset man had to take the lab home. Luckily, she wasn’t hostile and seemed to feel comfortable on Gasparik’s bed and enjoy the new company.

The man posted the message about the lost dog on Facebook, trying to find her owner by any means. When he took Roxy for a walk, he came up with yet another way to draw people’s attention. He created a sign that read: “Do you know this lost dog?

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For the whole weekend, he stood at the same spot he found the pup, hoping someone would show up. Some people thought he was a beggar; some only smiled, assuming that was a joke. However, in the long run, his efforts paid off.

The local social network Nextdoor contacted Gasparik as the owner had been found. They arranged a meeting and when Ed arrived, Roxy recognized him at once!

She was very excited to reunite with her human, and Ed was happy to find his pup safe and sound! Even though the story had a happy ending, Gasparik warned other owners:

I could have returned Roxy two hours after I found her if Ed would have known to register his chip. It could have been just that simple.

Animals get lost, and you be prepared and know what to do if you spot one:

  • If possible, capture it and take it to the local vet. Talk to the animal with a gentle and calm voice, showing that you are no threat. Having a treat will help.
  • Check if the animal has an ID tag attached. It’s possible you can contact the owner at once.
  • Contact the local animal shelter or the animal control/police department. Scan the animal for a microchip in order to identify the owner.
  • In case there is no microchip, take the pet to the shelter.
  • Spread the word by any means possible, using written signs, social networks, and the community grapevine, for example.

Man Finds A Dog Wandering Alone And Comes Up With Creative Idea To Reunite Her With Owner Againschankz /

The man who helped Roxi find her home again deserves a standing ovation! He clearly inspires us to follow his example if similar situations arise.

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