Chihuahua Born Without Front Legs Gets A Set Of Prosthetic Wheels Thanks To Kind Humans

Date November 20, 2018 17:22

A man named Jene was walking by one day when he found an abandoned puppy in a cardboard box by the roadside. Before he came along, many people saw the scared Chihuahua but no one did anything to help.

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In fact, he revealed that one person actually picked up the dog, saw that she had a birth defect and put her back in the box.

Jene told San Francisco's Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that upon looking down at the puppy, he knew he had to rescue her. He brought her out of the box, wrapped her in a shirt and took her home. 

Jene was, however, surprised to see how the dog flopped around while trying to walk. It became clear that she needed more help than he could give her. So he took the pup, which he named Daffodil, to the SPCA in hopes that they could find a solution.

Daffodil was born without her two front legs. And even though she was unable to move and play around properly, she was still a curious and happy Chihuahua. The SPCA was determined to give her the life she deserved.

So they began looking into options that would enable the dog to walk again. 

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The amazing men and women of the San Francisco SPCA began building a unique pair of wheels for Daffodil. Because the dog was quite tiny and still growing, the vets felt it was a good idea to get her the wheels as soon as possible so she could start getting used to it.

These prosthetics were expensive to build. Thanks to the support and donations the SPCA received from kind-hearted people, however, they were able to make it happen.

Eventually, Daffodil got her very first set of wheels. 

One of the staff members, named Olivia, fell in love with Daffodil's strength and perseverance. So she adopted the beautiful pup. 

Thanks to wonderful people like Jene, who couldn't walk nonchalantly by after seeing a dog in pain, Olivia, who offered her a home, and the staff of the SPCA who made sure this dog got to walk again, Daffodil now lives a happy and full life.

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