Viral Picture Of A Dog Lying Down While Cuddling A Dirty Teddy Bear Breaks The Heart Of Many And Sparks Controversy


October 29, 2018 18:29 By Mambee

Abuse, in all its forms, is a despicable human behaviour. However, it is not by any means limited to people being hurt. Animals get abused, too. 

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Viral Picture Of A Dog Lying Down While Cuddling A Dirty Teddy Bear Breaks The Heart Of Many And Sparks Controversy

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The thing about animal abuse, apart from being an utterly despicable act against innocent creatures, is the fact that it is also often tied to violence against children and adults.

In any case, where you suspect animal abuse, the humane thing to do is to report it to the appropriate authorities, for immediate investigation. You can even do so anonymously if you fear future repercussions.

Viral Picture Of A Dog Lying Down While Cuddling A Dirty Teddy Bear Breaks The Heart Of Many And Sparks Controversy


How do I spot an abused animal?

There are some signs you can watch out for in order to find out if an animal is being neglected or abused.

1. Obvious trauma and bad body condition: An animal's physical state can tell a lot. Being flea or tick infested, or if extensive injuries can be seen, are easy-to-spot signs.

2. Lack of food and water: It is never a good sign when an animal seems to be suffering due to hunger or thirst.

3. Lack of shelter or abandonment: Sometimes owners move and leave their animals behind, or dump them in empty places. Be vigilant against this.

4. Animals showing signs of fight training or looking like it has been in too many fights.

5. Too many animals congested in a property can be a sign that the person is an animal hoarder.

6. If the animal is chained, tied or confined to a small space. This is also an indication that something is not right. 

7. The animal behaves abnormally.

8. If you see the owner being violent towards the animal in any situation, it is clear enough evidence. 

The story of the dog and the teddy bear

Social media was recently sent into an emotional state when photos of a stray black dog cuddled up with a teddy bear emerged online.

Yvette Holzbach was driving, in Texas, when she saw a desolate and abandoned canine, cuddling a dusty, dirty teddy bear. Touched by the dog's situation, she took a picture and moved on to her errands.

Sadly enough, however, when she returned, neither dog nor toy was at the scene any longer.

In a bid to find the dog, she posted the picture which has since gone viral and generated compliments for her search, and condemnation for her initial negligence. Many bashed her for not taking the dog as soon as she saw it.

Yvette, who happens to work with a group of volunteers who provide help to stray dogs as well as impoverished people in the city, defended herself.

She stated that her group is quite small and the dog looked relatively well taken care of, and finding a home for dogs in that shape is usually tricky.

She posted an update on the situation later, which involved a man named Calvin, who is the owner of the dog in the photo.

Calvin, as it turned out, collects animals from the street and takes care of them, but that dog, in particular, would always stray away and return. The last time, however, he didn't.

Sadly, the animal has still not been found, but thanks to the search, a different dog was rescued and Calvin's other pets received veterinary care from Yvette's group. 

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How do I help an abused animal?

If you suspect an animal is being abused, the humane thing to do is act. Don't assume the animal will be helped by another person. Instead, do the following:

1. Always be prepared: There are many agencies in your state for animal control, shelter and cruelty investigation. Do some research beforehand and have their numbers just in case.

2. Speak up, or if you can't, call 911: If you witness violence against an animal, kindly do either of these things.

3. Ensure you have sufficient details documented: All forms of documentation would help the case go in the animal's favor: Pictures, videos, exact location, etc. 

4. Be ready to testify as a witness: Your testimony will lend strong credence to the case. We all should know that animals are not any less important than humans. It is of grave importance that we take every chances we get to offer them help and love.

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