A Show Of Devotion: Dog Refuses To Leave The Side Of His Owner, Who Got Injured After A Fall

Date July 5, 2019

Dogs are some of the best creatures on earth. Dog lovers will attest to the fact that these animals are quite loyal and dedicated to their owners. It will take a lot for a faithful dog to turn its back on its family. And this is why stories of how incredible they are will always melt hearts.

This time around, one dog named Tony proved his love for his owner when his human got injured in a fall.

Tony's owner, Jesus Heuche, was reportedly pruning a tree outside their home in Argentina when he fell about 6 feet down to the concrete floor.

He hit his head in the fall and lost consciousness but, thankfully, people saw him on time and called for help. As paramedics arrived to save him, they saw that Jesus was not alone. His faithful dog was right by his side, comforting him.

Even as the paramedics worked to help the man, the dog never left his spot. He continued to embrace Jesus, laying his head on the man's body. There's no doubt at all that Tony was very worried about his human friend.

Jesus eventually regained consciousness and gave Tony a couple of reassuring pats. Still, the dog didn't want to leave him and even attempted to join him in the ambulance.

The good news is that Jesus was fine. In a later interview, he revealed that he rescued Tony as a stray. That day, he saw the dog on the street and decided to adopt him. Tony soon became a part of his family.

Jesus added that Tony was basically a son to him and from the way the dog behaved when his owner was in trouble, he saw the man as his beloved daddy too.

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