Finally A Human Who Cared: Macaque Monkey Kept In A Tiny Cage For 7 Years Grasps Desperately Onto Rescuers’ Hand

Date March 18, 2019

It’s a tragedy to behold animals suffering in the hands of humans who are supposed to care for them. Fortunately, not all humans treat animals this way and there are organizations created to cater to the needs of these maltreated animals.

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The Wildlife Friends Foundation, in Thailand, is one of these, and what they did for this macaque monkey, named Khai Now, is heartwarming.

For the past seven years, the only home Khai had ever known was a small wire cage in the Rayong Province, Thailand. He was one of the numerous caged animals living in a horrendous condition.

Daily, Khai would watch humans pass by his cage and toss garbage and scraps at him. The lonely monkey was always crouched as he had no room to jump or climb. However, all that came to an end when the WFFT stepped in.

During a visit to the area in preparation for a rescue, project director Tom Taylor approached Khai’s cage only to find him crouched in a ball and hiding his face from the world. Taylor then moved closer and stretched out his arms to Khai. What happened next has warmed hearts all around the world.

Lonely Khai reached out and wrapped his tiny fingers around Tom’s hand. He looked desperate for human connection, love, and care.

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After that, he was given water and was comforted for a few minutes before he was released from the cage. He was then taken to his new home at the WFFT  sanctuary. While speaking to The Dodo, Tom said:

“Khai Now is a gentle soul. He wanted nothing more than to groom me, or hold me for comfort.”

At the sanctuary, it was discovered that Khai was malnourished and weak, and showing signs of behavioral issues because he had been away from his monkey peers for a long time.

Khai now jumps and climbs in a large quarantine enclosure at the sanctuary.

Despite his traumatic experience with humans, Khai managed to find love in his heart. This is proof that animals deserve to be loved and not maltreated. We need to do better!

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